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June 18 2010

You have the absolute best approach to exercise fitness I've every come across. My strength gains are phenomenal. We are talking on the order of 20-30lbs every time I workout. I take the rest days pretty strictly except for some light sled pushing. Otherwise, I do hip-bridge, back xtensions, or glute-ham exercises to finish off the workouts. The rotation is great for recovery and gains.
Your approach is a revelation. I'm putting you in the running for sainthood along with Burg, and Wolf.

If you are ever in So. Cal. mi casa, su casa.

—Ed Guzman - Souther California, USA

April 22 2010


Thought you might be interested as a result of your program and improved eating my doctor has informed me that I can cut my cholesterol medicine in half.

Thank you for what you do.


—Brad Derusseau - Prairie Village, Kansas

April 15 2010

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful programming. I've been following The Fitness Conduit for about four months now, and it is by far the most efficient and effective regimen I've adhered to. I look forward to every single workout because you manage to keep each one fresh and original. Combining a max effort lift with a metcon seems to target all areas of fitness. I've enjoyed the benefits of increased strength, flexibility, and endurance. I've been in great shape for a while, but now it seems when I play squash or basketball that it's impossible for me to become tired.


April 07 2010

It was such a pleasure working with you this past month. Though I often asked myself,' why am I putting myself through this pain?' But, the atmosphere was great, and the groups encouraging. I looked forward to coming (well except for burpee days) and miss the group.

I have a lot to work on..but I have an excellent start. I can really see/feel the difference in my body. Thank you for your advice, inspiration and time. Looking forward to saying hi to you in Boston this summer! Continue to be well...
God bless you....

—Krystyn Blackmon Ross - Boston, MA

January 18 2010

I originally signed up for Boot Camp Fitness in 2001 for some exercise guidance and diversity. I had trained the same way using weights for 30 years and not until I found this program, did I make consistent, substantial and beneficial improvements in my overall fitness. The program is wonderful, allows me to keep an elevated heart rate, work at my own pace and challenge myself every single day to get better. Everyday, we do something different. I can’t believe I have been doing this for almost 9 years and I still love the workouts.

Mike Rutherford (a.k.a. Coach Rut) runs bootcampfitnesskc located in Prairie Village, KS. Coach Rut and his instructors are consummate professionals who have created custom programs that effectively combine weight training, cardiovascular, nutrition and humor. They constantly adjust and tailor the workout routines to meet my fitness needs. I highly recommend bootcampfitnesskc’s services for fitness and physical training regardless of age or level of fitness.

—Hal Hunt - Leawood, Kansas

December 19 2009

Having followed the MEBB now for almost a year, I wanted to give you some feedback from the frontline. Prior to using your template I was an avid Crossfitter following the mainsite for 3 years. What I found was that my overall fitness improved but at the expense of strength and some significant overuse injuries. I felt the constant high rep schemes of the Mainsite wods were taking a toll on my musculoskeletal system. At 39 yo and as a former competitive baseball player, I want to maintain topnotch fitness, but not at the expense of my joints and longevity in this endeavor. Having followed your program now, including the emphasis on flexibility, posterior chain, and post wod soft tissue maintenance, I can say this is a true evolution in the boiler plate CrossFit programming. I can use the 3 day template adding in a Tues. longer Crossfit wod and have set PR's in most of the benchmarks since beginning the MEBB. I have had NO overuse issues, have not missed a planned training week in over a year due to injury, and feel my joints have markedly benefitted from this approach. Also, the strength component has allowed me to improve in that aspect although that was not my primary concern. You are to be commended on your work in improving the design of this fitness program with a safe and efficacious program.

I am very interested in the Intelligent Design Seminar and would love to see you guys come to the Southeast at some point. I reside in SC and know there are many advocates of the MEBB here. In closing, please continue the efforts in spite of some recent "backlash" from others in the community. My feelings are that those such as yourself will always continue to succeed since your goals and results are in the best interest of your athletes and trainers.

—Dr. S Jacob - South Carolina

December 04 2009

Over the last five years the field of medicine has changed towards involving evidence based medicine for decisions. No longer are we making decisions based on “this is how we always do it” or antidotal experiences. The goal is to learn from good data or conclusions from well designed prospective studies.

Boot Camp Fitness/CrossFit Kansas City's program is built on evidence based fitness from large numbers of people working with athletes and studying fitness. They have defined what the goal of fitness should be and developed functional movements to produce the results. Measured and analyzed data is the foundation of CrossFit which produces reliable and successful programs. Essentially, it is a program to make you better at what you want to do. It should work as the foundation of any training program. Whether your goals are to become a better athlete in your particular sport, cage fighter or triathlete, or to improve your health, Boot Camp Fitness / CrossFit Kansas city will accomplish your goals quickly.

On a personal view of the program, initially I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hoping to get in shape, whatever that meant. I’ve only been involved four months but the results have been amazing. I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat, my previously high blood pressure is now normal, and I no longer have back pain. My annual physical with the doctor was finally enjoyable. My lipid profiles and fasting sugars are now normal.

The experience with Boot Camp Fitness / CrossFit Kansas City has been awesome. Meeting great people with similar goals, and feeling completely exhausted at the end of the workout but ready to take on anything the day throws at me. I feel rejuvenated after the workouts. Every aspect of my life has improved due to the training. The same principles that work for elite athletes work for the deconditioned. I look forward to what this program will continue to do. Thank-you Coach Rut and Tammy for changing my life is such a positive way!

—Dr. Dan Farrell - Leawood, Kansas

November 29 2009

i inquired about 6 months ago when i began training full time and opened my gym. knowing first hand that the infamous miracle workout lacks a real strength component i was lead to the MEBB, I've been meaning to email back in and let you know that we are achieving amazing numbers as a result of implementing your training. I could spend weeks compiling a paper of the amazing gains that my athletes have attained but I'm sure you are aware. If there is anything I can do to help promote the practical and effective benefits of MEBB let me know. As we approach the downfall of quality in training by CF i sincerely thank the coaches that contribute to the world of strength and conditioning, and continue to question why folks spend 50 dollars on t shirts and avoid strength training.

—Jason Gusic - Chesterton, Indiana

November 28 2009

Hey, it was good to meet you at the Black Box Summit! We have been using your 3-day MEBB template for our clients with great success. After on-ramp we start our beginners off right away using MEBB. It’s very interesting to see people’s reactions to lifting. Most come to see us to get in good shape (not to lift heavy weights – so they say…). We tell them that this is just part of getting in good shape. Typically, the women love lifting weights after they are comfortable with the lift. It is very empowering. So we just wanted to say thanks again for providing your templates and expertise. They are making us look good and in return giving our clients GREAT results

—David Weaver - Federal Way, Washington

November 02 2009

I purchased the MEBB DVD a while back ago. I watched it soon after and we did some of the programming but did not stick with it as we should've. We implemented your program for the month of October. After only one month we had dramatic results. To be honest I was skeptical when I first got it but now I'm a full believer. Thank you for the help. Best of luck and continued success.

—Polo Lopez - CrossFit CFL

October 30 2009

I'm not writing you this to explain how much stronger I have gotten from your template for a few reasons. 1) I'm sure you get several of those every day. 2) I already have written that to you. And 3) I want to write to explain how your program has increased my stamina.

This week at my box we skipped all ME lifts for a benchmark week. I set significant PR's all 5 days. Before I started MEBB going 5 days straight would've burnt me out before the end of the week. Like most CrossFitters I used to follow a 3 on/1 off schedule. Since then I have found for me, personally, a 2 on/1 off, 2 on/2 off schedule works for me. Needless to say I was apprehensive about going for 5 days with no rest. However, I recently finished my last WoD for the week about 20 minutes ago and I am almost back to normal and feel as if I had barely trained this week. My recovery times immediately after the WoDs was several reduced as well. Here's what I am talking about, last time I did "Fran" I PR'ed at 3:52 prior to starting MEBB and it took me an hour and a half to be able to stand up and think straight. I just completed it in 3:13 and 20 minutes later I am writing you this email. Your program not only increases strength and power output but also allows athletes to push harder and faster with minimal down time afterwards. Here is a list of my benchmarks for the week and the new and old PR's. I feel every one of them is a significant PR and they were all done as Rx'ed.

"Grace" 4:38 from 5:17
"Helen" 7:22 from 9:11
500m Row (9 damper) 1:30.7 from 1:31 and change
"Annie" 7:15 from 7:55
"Fran" 3:13 from 3:52

—Coach Chris Davis - St. Cloud, Florida

October 27 2009

In Feb '09, I committed myself to Coach Rut's Bootcamp Fitness/CrossFit Kansas City. Nine months later, at age 41, I can tell you that I am physically, mentally and athletically stronger then I have ever been.

My tennis game has vastly improved as well as my running endurance, all due to the increased strength. Everyday, a new workout is presented that pushes me beyond a level I would not normally push myself.

Through BCF, I am given a daily opportunity to eliminate any self doubt and to prove to myself both physically and mentally strong. As a result, my body has changed in ways that I am once again recognized as an athlete - an identity that I have sought to reclaim for many years. I have BCF to thank for this reawakening!

—Heather Carroll - Fairway, Kansas

October 22 2009

I just wanted to write you a quick word of thanks. Given the past few days of good weather I've had great runs. Tuesday evening I ran 6 miles each of which was 8:00min, 8:15 and one was 7:50. What you don't know is this is unheard of for me-the maker of the 9:00 mile! I credit my new found strength to you!

—Stacy Bensen - Leawood, Kansas

October 20 2009

Just wanted to send my warm thank yous again for your great MEBB program. I've been using it in-season for basketball (as a 3-day a week template) and it has done wonders to maintain my strength and my passion for CF and basketball, all the while ensuring I don't burn out!!! I've "refined/personalized" the program somewhat by spliting the lower body segment, alternating each phase between a hip dominant and a quad dominant ME exercise, and then using a posterior chain exercise as an assistance exercise during the quad-dominant ME phases, while using 1-leg quad-dominant assistance exercises during the hip-dominant ME phases. The total body day exercises progress and alternate from Hang split CJ/Hang snatch, Split power CJ/Power snatch, and finally Split CJ/Snatch, always using an assistive posterior-chain exercise. As for the upper body, I've chosen to alternate between Dips, Pull-ups, Rows, Chin-ups, Muscle-Ups and Standing Press, with the assistive exercise being the exact antagonist, as much as possible (in my case, upright rows, press, bench press, neutral DB press, shoulder external rotator stuff, and pull-ups.) It's working great so far. And for added variety and more basketball specifif metcons, I've calling upon the CF Football's in-season metcons; again, this is working out wonderfully. Thanks to your insight, principles and the original MEBB program, I've been able to continue working out at a high intensity, while ensuring I continue to progress and recover adequately, the latter being even more important as I turn 36 this weekend :-) As a special birthday treat, I'm attending Coach Burgnener's seminar this weekend in Ottawa!!!!
In the hopes of crossing paths one day...

—Eric - Eric Lepine, Montreal Canada

August 17 2009

I wanted to take some time to thank you for your website and your DVD's and all you do to educate and help the fitness community.

I've been training high school and college athletes, (both male and female) for over 15 years, some who are now in the professional ranks, along with adults who don't consider themselves athletes. I've experienced just about all the training methods and fads over the years and found most ok for somethings but usually always missing a certain component.

However, combining the Max Effort Black Box with a Crossfit routine it appears all the bases are covered. I have seen tremendous gains in the people I have been training over the last year or so and credit alot if not most of what I am seeing to your concepts and teachings.

I could go on and on but again, I would like to thank you for your site and all you do to help the fitness community.

—Mike McCauley - Lancaster PA

July 14 2009

Just wanted to let you know what results I’m seeing since enrolling in BootCamp 6 weeks ago. Since I was in the initial BootCamp all those many years ago I knew what I was getting into and knew that you get out of it what you put into it but I had no idea it would have such a huge impact on my golf game. I play roughly 150 rounds a year and I can honestly say that I have had the two best rounds of the summer since enrolling. Bootcamp is increasing my strength and increasing my flexibility, the two most important things in golf. Thanks for keeping the pressure on us in our workouts, I’m looking forward to a great year!

—Dan Stephens - Lenexa, Kansas

July 05 2009

Coach Rut:

If you’d like, you can skip down to the last paragraph, where I thank you for your programming and your many contributions to my fitness and to the fitness community at large.

I regret that I failed to implement the MEBB program until now. Like many, I stuck with my strengths (metabolic workouts at scaled weights) and shied away from my weaknesses (flexibility, ROM, and strength). If you’d like to use my eventual response to the program as a before/after story, I would be happy to comply.

I’ll be 45 years old in two weeks. I had been Crosfitting for three years before a shoulder injury and my son’s health issues knocked me out of commission for most of the past year. At my fitness peak, I hit a few respectable benchmarks (20 rounds for Cindy, 2X bodyweight deadlift), but pure strength was a limiting factor. In order to maximize my power output per workout, I had to scale the weights considerably.

In fact, when I look at my areas of weakness in the Crossfit world, I would rank them as follows:
1. Flexibility, which impacts/limits…
2. ROM, particularly maintaining lordotic curve during squats
3. Strength
4. Core stability/integration of upper/lower body moves

All of these come into play as I focus on my primary sport of rock climbing. As I analyze my performances, I realize that my lack of core stability forces an over-reliance on under- and unsupported finger strength, which is a ticking time bomb.

And so, I have reasoned that my primary functional training regimen should focus on:

1. Functional flexibility
2. Strength throughout full ROM
3. Core stabilization
4. Finger strength
5. Metabolic conditioning.

Upon reflection, this is almost an exact inversion of my training over the past few years.

I started to program off the “New Way to M.E. Black Box” article from the Performance Menu, but I am now working off the template from the MEBB DVD. I am using the 3-day template, but I added an extra day of Crossfitting on Tuesdays.

First of all, I want to thank you for including the warm-ups, 8 great post stretch moves, and the foam rolling into the workout regimen. I usually warm up on the rower for 3 mins and go into the DROM routine from Catalyst Athletics before my workout proper. Even on my off days, I row, DROM, and do the Great 8. I also throw in some active-isolative stretching and some PNF stretching for the problem areas.

My ROM has increased dramatically since incorporating the Great 8, and for that I wish to thank you. Squats are deeper and – in conjunction with the p-chain moves – I believe that I am activating and maintaining a more mature lordotic arch. Even climbing this past weekend, I could feel that I was using a great functional ROM.

For my strength exercises, I am using the following routine:

1-3: Hang Power Snatch, Front Squat, Pullups
4-6: Deck Cleans, Back Squat, Standing Press
7-9: Snatch Power Pulls, Overhead Squats, Dips

My greatest weakness in the strength domain is overhead, so I have some overhead movement in each rotation. I believe that the snatch is the move that best addresses my weaknesses and needs, so I am including exercises to help me make a progression to a safe and mature snatch. (I also work through some light snatch progressions through Greg’s book and DVD over the weekends).

In terms of core stability, I believe that a combination of planks, hollow rocks, knees-to-elbows, and glute-ham situps will address most of those needs. In terms of the workout format, should I alternate core work with my p-chain moves (e.g. set 1 hip bridge, set 1 plank progression, set 2 bridge, set 2 plank, etc.)?

I will continue to grease the groove on pullups (and to a lesser degree dips) and practice on my climbing wall.

Diet is good. Zone with mostly paleo. I have ordered Faigin’s book.

Again, Coach Rut, I wish to thank you for your many contributions to my fitness regimen. I feel like I am a better and stronger person for addressing my areas of weakness. Your thoughtfulness, many writings, and examples have been instrumental. As well, your contributions to the wider Crossfit and fitness communities are impressive.


Mike Donnelly

—Mike Donnelly

June 21 2009

Nice job on the Max Effort Black Box...great product.....Love the Fitness Conduit Blog site too.

—Michael Ackerson - Ponte Verda, Florida

June 20 2009

I am a former Olympic volleyball player and I find Crossfit and your Max Effort Black Box (M.E.B.B.) application of its principles to suit me and my goals like no other program I have tried before.

—Brad Willcock - Toronto, Canada

May 30 2009

Hi Coach,

Thank you for the suggestions. I took your advice and added a longer CF WOD on Tuesdays, still taking Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for active rest. I have also sharpened my focus on cleaner Paleo eating. With these adjustments, things have been going well. The biggest surprise came this week. I am taking a week to do CF before I leave for a two week cycling vacation and hit a PR on the 5k, which I rowed. My time was more than 1 minute better than my previous PR set when I was doing only CF. This PR comes after 6 weeks of MEBB programming. Needless to say, I will be back on MEBB plus CF on Tuesdays when I get back from vacation.

—Norma - USA

April 24 2009

i was in my yard earlier doing some landscaping and i started to pull a large stake out of the ground....using my back....i heard your voice in my head saying "two legs are stronger than one back", i used my legs to get the leverage i needed.....I'm telling you this in case you ever wonder if you get through to do! Thanks for doing what you do.

—Anna Francis - Kansas City, Missouri

April 24 2009

I am 41 years old and to prepare for my 3rd marathon- Boston, I took a chance and spent less time on training runs and more time at Boot Camp Fitness (BCF).

I stuck to the 40/30/30 Zone diet and did not carbo load before the race. BCF has made me stronger, faster, increased my flexibility and my core is more stable. I ran the marathon 3 days ago and set a personal record by more than 7 minutes-clocking a time of 3:33.53. It was amazing, with each mile I felt better.

I give much credit to Coach Rut and Boot Camp Fitness. I would recommend his program to everyone, no matter what your current level of fitness. Start and you will see improvement and feel so much better.

Thanks Coach Rut for all your coaching and encouragement. You Rock!

—Tammy Pottenger - Mission Hills, Kansas

April 13 2009

You've done for dumbbell's what Rip did for barbells. That's a mouthful,

—Ben Means - Tujunga, California

April 09 2009

This has to be the best workout in the world!

—Blish Conner - Mission Hills, Kansas

April 04 2009

I turned 60 last October and was determined not to become an old man. I started attending Boot Camp in late January -- the first couple of weeks were tough, but after two months, I feel the best I’ve felt in years! I won’t go so far as to call it fun, but by changing the workout every morning, Coach Rut keeps things interesting and challenging. I look forward to the class even though it means my alarm is ringing at 5:15am every morning.

—John Moenius - Prairie Village, Kansas

April 01 2009

Just wanted to share my success thanks to your bootcamp program and the ZONE diet. When I moved to KC four years ago I was battling foot and knee pain, so I stopped working out. I took a desk job and packed on 50 pounds.

Of course, I held many unused gym memberships in those four years, but I was never motivated to go work out on my own. In January, I finally decided it was time to do something. I found the Bootcamp Fitness website and decided to sign up.

I had taken off weight in the past and knew that my body responds slowly when it comes to losing weight, usually not seeing any results on the scale for three months, so I signed up for three months.

Now it is 9 weeks into my three months and I’ve already lost 20 pounds. I just show up in the morning and try my best to stay in the zone. I’ve finally found something that works for me and that I enjoy. There is no way I’m stopping after three sessions now.


—Kara - Kansas City, Missouri

March 31 2009

I have got to say that after close to 3 weeks at bootcamp my self-esteem has improved so much. You're right - there's an extremely gratifying sense of self-righteousness knowing that you're up before everyone else working hard and trying to do something good for yourself.

I'm not monitoring my bodily improvements (loss of body fat, inches, etc.) at this point - I decided just to focus on getting stronger and bringing my diet up to par for now and the rest will fall into place. I spent too many years (at least a decade - since I was 15 at least!) only worrying about how I LOOKED and wasting hours doing steady-pace "cardio" hoping to get "skinny."

I feel a million times better now that my goal is to be STRONGER. There's an intangible element to your coaching and your program that makes all the hard work and money spent MORE than worth it. Just thought you'd like to know. And thanks for welcoming my sister to the program. I'm really proud of her!

—Elizabeth - Kansas City, Missouri

March 31 2009

I have been training with Boot Camp Fitness/CrossFit Kansas City since the middle of November (3 ½ months). Since then I have lost 30 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. I would like to say that this class started out as a commitment to lose weight and it has turned into a way of life.

My body has not felt this good in years. It can be the same for anyone who really dedicates themselves to coming to class daily and eating right…Both of those go hand in hand, and if you stick to that you will see results.

I am blessed to have found this class and would like to encourage everyone to keep coming and sticking with your eating regiment.

Thank You Coach Rut. You have really inspired me and changed my life

—Jeffrey Carley - Overland Park, Kansas

March 20 2009

Thank you so much. I also wanted to let you know that I am on your site quite often and have used your MEBB program to much success. It has really helped me increase my strength and fitness which is very important in my job as a firefighter.

—Chris Kidd - Memphis, Tennesee

March 14 2009

Coach Rut--

You asked me about my success in setting a bunch of PRs (or at least, PRs for the last two years) while following your Max Effort Black Box this winter. Here's a little about my background and why I think the program works for me.

I wasn't athletic as a kid and never exercised consistently until I was about 30. I fumbled around with running, body building programs, triathlons and military-style PT regimens until a friend pointed me to CrossFit five years ago. I was hooked right away and made good progress, but knew I was lagging in strength. I also had a hard time with the 3 days on/1 day off rotation because I was working full time while going to law school at night.

I needed shorter workouts with simpler equipment that I could squeeze into my schedule. I found your site, and it was what I needed.

Over the years, I also tried integrating some other strength programs, but I'd either keep stalling on my max lifts, or lose ground on muscular endurance/metcon capability.

This winter I decided I'd stick with your current program of cycling through a heavy lift and a short metcon three days a week, and see how it worked. I do your workouts Tues./Thurs./Sat. and go to CrossFit DC on Sundays. Typically that's a longer metcon effort with a big group. On rest days or during my warmup, I do the 20-pullup program from your newsletter, unless I've got a high-rep pullup WOD the day before or after.

Since December, I've had PRs in the squat, front squat, deadlift, power clean and squat clean, and in my maximum of dead hang pullups. I've also been able to maintain my power and endurance on metcons with the CrossFit DC crew. I think there are a few reasons:

1. Your workouts are the right balance of strength and metcon.

2. Four days a week for one to 1-1/4 hours (including the warmup and stretching) is very sustainable in terms of scheduling and recovery. I'm rarely sore, even if the week gets away from me and I have to work out on back-to-back days.

3. Doing the same lifts a few weeks in a row helps me concentrate on technique. I think that's been a big factor, especially in improving my Olympic lifts.

4. The program helps encourage good nutrition. Since Jan. 1 I've been fine-tuning my Zone diet and went from 19 blocks with off-the-charts hidden fat, to 21 blocks with 2X fat. At 6'2" with a "hardgainer" type of build, I've been 180-185 lbs. since I was in my 20s, but now I'm more muscular. I also have more energy. I've cut out my midday caffeine, and after a 10-hour day at work I can still look forward to putting a few more pounds on the bar than I did last week.

5. Use of dumbbells (especially the unilateral moves) is a great benefit for a 43-year-old who's had all the usual knee, back and shoulder injuries.

As we get into spring and summer I'm looking forward to getting into some of the CF benchmarks to check my progress. In the meantime, I'm sticking with the program. Thanks, Coach!

—John Frazer - Virginia

January 13 2009

Going from an out of shape 205 to a lean 180 was cause enough to hail your program, but the knowledge gained during it proved to be just a valuable.

After being an avid member of your Boot Camp Program I went to the University of Kansas where I joined the rowing team. I have maintained the top spot since I joined over a year ago and I credit it entirely to your program.

While others on the team spend their off season doing long steady state pieces, and banging their heads against the wall because they can’t seem to get much faster, I incorporated things taught by you into my training. Save for the warm up or cool down, the longest amount of time I spend on the Concept2 is five minutes. I train almost solely with intervals of rowing and movements I learned during you program, never doing the same workout twice in a week.

While everyone else on the team continued training like a marathon runner and did unreasonably long pieces that destroyed their bodies, I stuck with interval work. Now, with a 6k pace of 1:42, I am looking to possibly make the national team next year. I owe all of my success to your program and what it has taught me.

—Kyle Tushaus - Lawrence, Kansas

December 04 2008

First off, losing 15 lbs in three weeks... Unbelievable! I’ve lost a few more since, but that’s not my biggest change.

I’m becoming a morning person. I now wake up and look forward to working out. It makes the rest of the day more enjoyable.

The physical success has been great, but It’s the positive change in attitude I didn’t expect.

Thanks coach.

—Jeff Shumway - Kansas City, Missouri

December 04 2008

My Boot camp journey began in March of 2008 after spending almost a year trying to get back into shape on my own. I was looking for a program that would help me to loose weight while gaining strength, endurance and increased flexibility. I did some research on-line and found Coach Rut’s website and figured I give it a try.

My first impression was that the people in the class were all very friendly and Coach Rut guides you through the exercises step by step. Now I won’t lie the workouts can be challenging but the results speak for themselves.

I originally planned to only go for one session but enjoyed the class and people I meet there that I quickly signed on for 6 months. I’m really glad I did! Over that time I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds, my body fat fell by around 4-5%. Not to mention I feel better than I have in over 10 years.

Thanks for everything Coach,

—Mike McDowell - Gardner, Kansas

November 07 2008

Thanks coach, I've enjoyed the challenge, although I really sucked wind today.

You are awesome at what you do.

—Jeff Taubin - Lenexa, Kansas

July 30 2008

I can't stop now! After almost two months in the program, I'm feeling great. The first three weeks were tough, and somedays now are difficult, but I find I recover much faster than at the beginning.

Last week I had my annual physical. The doctor was quite impressed with the results from my workouts with you.

My blood pressure is even a little below normal and my pulse rate was 55. But the BIG news is that my cholesterol is down to 148. What is so impressive about this is a year ago it was 260. I have been on Vytorin since the first of the year. Just before I started your exercise program my cholesterol was 178. So, in effect, the exercise has lowered my count 30 points. I am amazed and delighted by this, since I've had a cholesterol problem for 25 years.

I've also lost four pounds, two inches in my waist, feel stronger, and have a lot of energy for being 65 years old. Thank you so much for your help! It's a great program!

—James Luke - Overland Park , Kansas

April 08 2008

I feel 150% percent better than I did at the start of your program last May. I realize that I did the work, but I am really thankful to you and your program.

—Amy Fiss - Leawood, Kansas

March 12 2008

Procrastination is one of my more practiced habits albeit not something I'm proud of. Getting my rear in gear concerning personal health and fitness had been something I put off way too long. I'm sure like many others, I always thought tomorrow will be the day, or when the weather warms up, or after I lose a couple pounds... there were plenty of excuses and that's exactly what they are... excuses.

During a round last summer with a good friend, I made a comment about his improved posture, attitude and stamina. He filled me on this new morning Bootcamp workout he was attending and how it had changed his views on fitness and traditional workout routines. A few weeks later I had the great fortune to meet this "Bootcamp" guy, Coach Rut on the golf course which is one of few places where a persons true colors shine through. I inquired about the program and expressed some interest in attending although I fell back into the old excuse routine.

I found it interesting at no time after our initial conversation did Coach Rut inquire if I was still interested?, when was I going to start?, etc... Then I realized, he wasn't in the business of recruiting people, he was in the business of helping people. You ultimately are the one who has to make the decision to get it done. Family and friends may show their support but you're the one getting up at 0500 hours to get your game face on and ready for the next fanny waxin coming your way.

It's been 6 months since that first Bootcamp WOD and it's hard to explain in words how my life has changed. I didn't set specific goals because I trusted they would come with hard work and they have; 15lbs less and 2 inches of my waist was great but the real benefits are an energy level explosion enabling me to get way more productivity out of each day. A whole new outlook on how food drives so many aspects of your life. A more postive, accepting outlook on family, friends, work. And most of all... an appreciation of not only what it means to be healthy but to live healthy.

When the day begins with beating the alarm clock to the punch and jumping out of bed ready for Bootcamp, I know I'm on the right track. RP

—Ryan Powell - Prairie Village, Kansas

January 18 2008

Hello Coach,

I've followed all your articles,blog and DVD's and can't tell you how inspiring they are.
Thank you so much and take care.

—Rob McBee - Crossfit Camas

December 11 2007

I just wanted to provide feedback. Feel free to use as much or as little of it as you can in whatever way you see fit.

Yesterday I had two “firsts” – my first real workout and my first time seeing the world before 6 am in as long as I can remember. I expected to be exhausted. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Throughout the day and evening I had more energy than I’ve had in years! Normally I’m winding down by 3 or 4 in the afternoon and starting to feel tired, but not yesterday. Boot Camp was like a jumpstart and today is proving to be the same. Yes I’m sore and yes at times this morning I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the hour, but now I feel great.

I think that this is exactly what I’ve needed for a long time! As a mother of two, a full time sales manager and a student I have used the excuse of not having time to exercise for far too long. I’m glad to be putting that behind me!

—Amy Schweer - Gardner, Kansas

November 09 2007

Totally enjoyed my first three weeks of Boot Camp Fitness! It's the best thing I have ever done for my health and fitness. The results are great, health, mind and body
Great group of people.

Thank you

—Randy Cohn - Leawood, Kansas

November 09 2007


Thanks for the training. I appreciate your style and motivation. The class ramps me up to attack the day!

Living Strong!


—John Teebe - Lee Summit, Missouri

October 08 2007

I want to say first off that I'm a 23 year old trainer in Nashvegas, TN that has been a fan of Crossfit and, more specifically, your affiliate for quite some time now. I've thoroughly enjoyed your Dumbbell Moves DVDs and your blog posts. One day I would love to come out to KC and pick your brain sometime about the origins of your business and the hurdles you have needed to cross to get where you are today. Ideally, I would love to become Crossfit certified but the 1k it costs seems a bit staggering. In short, I just want to say thanks for being a beacon of ingenuity in a field of dufuses and keep up the fabulous work.

—Ian Robertson - Nashvegas, TN

July 18 2007

Thank you for your hard work and for sharing your considerable experience in putting together the Dumbbell Moves DVDs. I recently purchased all three volumes, and they are AWESOME!

Thank you so much for making this material available.

—Scott Limpert

April 20 2007

Your ME template (w/ accessory lifts) has been working wonders. I have been running a Total/WOD/Lower/Rest/Upper/WOD/Rest schedule and, while I am no strongman, have reached a 1X bodyweight Power Clean (at 210) and am at about a .75 bodyweight standing press. The only thing lagging is my squat. I think the workout challenges I do on my non-ME days are sucking the life out of my legs. Nonetheless, this is very encouraging considering I lifted no weights over the last 7 years as I sucked all of my strength out by focusing on Endurance running. I look forward to your next installment in the Performance Menu regarding ME work. Thanks!

—Richard Hester

April 10 2007

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation
for you and your class. Being a very ANTI-Morning
person I can't believe how much I have enjoyed
bootcamp. I have found myself looking forward to it,
and definitely see myself making a lasting commitment
to being there. When I first started the class I
thought... "I'll suffer through this for three months,
get in good enough shape for my brother's wedding, and
that will be that." I started your class the
beginning of march, ( not even two months ago!) and
have already lost twenty pounds. And with no serious
diet to boot I have gone down three sizes already;
which proves, weight number aside, I am getting in
better shape! I find myself way more energized for
the rest of the day when I leave, and actually have
the appetite for breakfast that was never there
before. (Waking up at five thirty and doing body
builders until seven sure can work up an appetite.)
Anyway, again, a million thanks!!! See you
tomorrow... sore muscles and all!!!

—Kate Dixon - Leawood, Kansas

March 26 2007


I wanted to let you know how sincerely I have enjoyed your class. I have
learned many things, the most important is that good health creates a good

This is longest I have ever stayed with a wokout regime and I credit
you for that. You have made it fun and challenging. The end result will
provide me with a better quality of life. I have never made that statement
to anyone in the medical community.

You have the ability to help improve peoples lives, that is truly a gift.
I realize you are a man's man but more important you are a family man.

Live Strong


—Ray Reed - Shawnne , Kansas

March 06 2007


I have just recieved the 3 DVDs (Dumbbell Moves I & II, Bigger & Stronger) that I ordered from you last week. Delivered to Australia in only 8 days, thanks for the great service. I have watched the DVDs and I can see they are going to be a great source of information and ideas for years to come. Thank you very much.

—Rod Simpson - Mackay, Australia

January 29 2007

Your Boot Camp has been an awesome experience, and I see no reason to ever stop exercising with you. There is absolutely no downside to the regimen: Since I am old, I am awake and up early anyway; the socialization is wonderful; and the work is torture. What else is there? Incidentally, I am beginning to notice differences in my waist line and the way clothing fits now.

I look forward to every day and every new sadistic routine you throw at us!

I definitely am living stronger!


—James T Cook - Prairie Village, Kansas

November 13 2006

Hi Coach,

Great workout today, I always check your site for some new and debilitating combos.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed DB Moves Vol I...I use it as a reference often and it has certainly given me a whole new arsenal for training. Thank you for your time and expertise.

—Kevin Steinmuller - New York, NY

November 11 2006

Your DVD, “Dumbbell Moves-Vol 1,” is an outstanding resource. It coupled with The Fitness Conduit offer one an outstanding program that is at once intensity-heavy and equipment-lite. As a recent convert to this methodology, I was worried that I would not be able to get the full effect because I lacked a lot of the requisite equipment (e.g., Oly bars, Concept 2). With your help, however, I have managed to turn a 6x8 space in my apartment into a self-torture arena. Armed with your DVD, The Fitness Conduit, assorted dumbbells, medicine balls, and a plyo-box, I have embarked on a journey toward peak fitness.

These workouts rocks!

Thanks again.

—Richard Hester

August 03 2006

Hi Coach Rut,

I just thought I'd drop you a quick note about a variant of your ME Black Box template I've been using, with I might add, great success. However, I came towards this approach from a slightly different angle than perhaps you did, that of recovery. I follow a 5/2 schedule and I had noticed that depending on the WODs that came up for the week I either felt great or basically lousy and it dawned on me that when there was a relatively simple pattern - when there was 1 or 0 strength WODs I felt awful by Friday (especially when there was 0!) and when there was 2 I would be feeling great.

So I had been toying with the idea of not just taking the WOD straight from the site but adjusting things so I could do two strength WODs per week but didn't really have any idea how to organise myself. I also wanted to do more KB and sandbag work as I had been doing that before I started CrossFit and really enjoyed it. Then by chance I came across a mention of your black box template on the forum and I saw immediately it was what I had been looking for.

So basically what I do now is this:

5 Days on 2 Days off.
WOD - chipper/gymnastic/monostructural etc.
WOD - killer (Linda), short & sweet (Diane/Fran) etc.

I rotate the ME days as per your plan, Tf, Lf, Uf etc. using more or less the exercises you outlined in the Performance Menu article, so it takes me three weeks to get round one set and I have three sets of exercises per area to make a nine week total cycle.

The results have been great, most importantly I feel full of energy again and I've made steady gains in both strength and conditioning, regularly setting new PRs in lifts and in the benchmark WODs.

I've been blogging my efforts for the past 11 weeks at if you're interested.


—David Wray - London, England

August 01 2006

Mike Rutherford's dumbbell DVD got here today. It has 40 exercises demonstrated and explained. Lots of information, good illustrations of the movements, but very valuable for the new ideas for ways to use the equipment we all have lots of. I highly recommend it for everybody trying to keep a fresh approach to training their clients.

—Mark Rippetoe (author of STARTING STRENGTH) - Wichita Falls, Texas

July 28 2006


I watched your DUMBBELL MOVES I DVD-very nice, I did some of the stuff this morning, felt great, I mixed in with my XLR8R and got up to 148 mph, which is where I need to be on a Driver/ball.

—John Novosel Jr. (Regional Long Drive Champion) - Lawrence, Kansas

May 11 2006


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how impressed I am with my body's response to Bootcamp. I mowed the yard last after I rowed and I was pushing the mower differently, using the muscles at the bottom of my butt that I am sure that I should have been using all of these years.

I can feel and see (well, a little bit anyway) muscles at the front and side of my abdoman. I sleep really well now. Last night no 3 am wake up call, either.

I was a little frustrated Monday when I could not finish the push ups. But I know that I am still getting a workout and making progress. Running is much smoother and not as hard on my back.

It's going to take much longer than I thought for me to follow the workout as planned, finish it in its entirety, AND go for time. But that's ok. Sustained consistancy and progress are my only goals now.

I have lost six pounds in three weeks. My appetite is falling naturally and my guess is that the first three weeks a trend does not make.

So very happy and glad that my need to change up my particular workout doesn't get in anyone's way

—Kevin T - Overland Park, Kansas

May 03 2006

Coach Rutherford,

I’m a US Marine, stationed in Iraq. I found your site linked from the Brand X page, I train there when I’m not deployed. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for posting all of your workouts, I often find that I can’t connect to the Crossfit page and there are times the net goes down completely for a couple of days at a time. Between connectivity problems and travel for up to a week, I find it hard to stay up on what the posted WOD is, and have had to plan ahead. I write down your WODs as you post them, and keep them in “reserve” for times I’m away from a computer or the posted WOD isn’t something I can pull off with the equipment here. Your workouts have been a tremendous help, thank you for putting them out on the net where they can reach an audience wide enough to include a Marine stationed at the “edge of the empire.”

Semper Fi,

—Brian W - Iraq

April 18 2006

Coach Rut,

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get back on track physically.

The middle age years for women are tough. I have tried everything to lose weight and get in better shape but to no avail. You taught me that when I thought I was really working hard – I WASN’T!

Boot Camp Fitness has done the trick when nothing else has worked. I have lost 20 pounds and feel sooo much better!! My husband says that I look like I’m wearing his pants they’re so loose!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m Living Strong!!!

—Karen Kosbah - Overland Park, Kansas

April 18 2006

Hey, your "Dumbbell Moves" DVDs are excellent!

—Frank DiMeo - Sarasota, Florida

April 04 2006

Coach Rut,
Got my DVD on Saturday, it rocks!

Been a while since I took so many notes while watching a DVD!

I had my crew do the overhead walking lunges today, good stuff.

Thanks for the great product and new movements.


—Jerry Hill - Philadelphia, PA

March 29 2006

Hello Coach,
Michael Smith from CrossfitHB, We love your workouts!!!
I would like to purchase your dumbbell video ASAP .Please send me instructions.

Kind regards,

—Michael Smith - Huntington Beach, California

February 13 2006

Coach Rutherford,
I found you in November and your workouts kicked my butt. My co-workers in the company weight room saw me sweating and gasping for breath as I was doing burpees for the first time and they thought I was nuts. I was hooked!

I found the Rutman challenge too late. I weigh 170. I started training for it last Saturday by carrying 80# for 200 meters 3 times...just trying to get a feel for what I was up against. Wednesday I carried 85# for half a mile in 10:33. I had to overcome some serious mental blocks to keep myself going and not put the weight down. I plan to continue carrying sand the day before each rest day. I think my next carry will be 40# or 50# for a mile for time on Sunday. I am trying to find a baseline weight for a 15 minute mile.

I recognize that I need to increase strength. Searching the message board I came across the ME Black Box....and found your name again. I am now studying the ME black box and beginning to integrate it into my training. I also picked up the April 2005 issue of Performance Menu. With this change in training and recent changes in diet I have high hopes for future gains.

I just wanted to write to say thanks.

Chris Jordan

—Chris Jordan - St. Louis, Missouri

January 23 2006

I have had great succes with the ME program. I am following mine almost exactly like Coach Rut described in the Performance Menu. I do CF, ME, CF, rest, repeat. The three exercises I do are Cleans, Push Press, Deadlifts. I rotate the 5x3, 3x3 workout and then the 3x3, 1x3 workout as instructed.

I am about 5'9" and weigh 175-180. I am getting pretty close to 400 DL. When I hit it, I am switching to Back Squats. My cleans and pp are going up as well. I did 195 PP the other day, and almost cleaned 205. Saturday I did the Clean 5x3, 3x3 workout and used 170 for every set. This is huge progress for me. I continue to see gains almost every time. The only negative is that I think I probably avoid some of the harder WODs when plugging in the CF days. I have noticed the WOD programming following this ME pattern more often, and make switch back at some point just for variety.

Great stuff Coach Rut...thanks.

......BTW, my Fran time has improved about 2 mins. The last time I did Fran my time was a little over 7 mins, before that my best time was around 9:20. This is using 95#

—Theron Mathis - Louisville, Kentucky

December 31 2005

Hello Coach Rutherford,
I discovered your "fitness conduit" through the CrossFit website. I tried to scale down the WOD's from their site but the 3 on 1 off just seemed a bit much considering the equipment I have, the poor condition I am in and a few other factors. I have had better luck with your 3x per week workouts and don't seem to have had as many problems and I also don't seem to have had to scale down things as much, perhaps that is a coincidence and perhaps that is by your design.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

—Troy Singer - Canada

December 30 2005

Coach Rut:
I have been enjoyably receiving your email newsletter for at least a year now; thanks. Having been in the industry for about 15 years now, you provide a breath of fresh air with your no BS point of view; thanks.

If you are ever make it to the panhandle of Florida, please contact me. Maybe We could schedule a special session for you to come in and do a celebrity workout near my club, in the 1 minute away state park or white sandy beach.

—Paul Hunter - Grayton Beach, Florida

December 27 2005

Started with a miserable squat in August (135OHS, 170FS, 180BS @ 6'4",175BW). Went to the ME Black Box after that... was pretty spotty workout consistency wise for a while, but have really gotten locked-in in the last month, when I have made most of my gains.

Now I'm at 150OHS, 210FS, 225BS @ 6'4" 170BW. Still poor for my weight, but a huge improvement.

I basically do a 2 week cycle and repeat when I hit the end.

W1 Monday non squat heavy WOD
W1 Tuesday OHS/FS/BS 5x1/5x1/5x1
W1 Wednesday rest
W1 Thursday squat heavy WOD (usually Fran)
W1 Friday dead lift 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1
W1 Saturday sprints
W1 Sunday rest

W2 Monday non squat heavy WOD
W2 Tuesday squat cleans 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1
W2 Wednesday rest
W2 Thursday squat heavy WOD (usually Linda w/ squat cleans)
W2 Friday Sh.Pr./Pu.Pr./Pu.Jk. 5x1/5x1/5x1
W2 Saturday sprints
W2 Sunday rest

Now that I feel like I'm locked into a work/rest cycle that lets me recovery properly, I feel I'll make huge strides, hopefully getting to my short term goal of 1.5xBW FrSq by summer and on the road to a 2xBW FrSq (longer term goal).

The other ME lifts I've been doing have improved as well, and the 5# drop in BW is fat loss. The fat loss is (I think) due to me tweaking my recovery days just right so I can really go all out on the WODs that I do.

Sorry if I got to rambling, but I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding template for implementing Crossfit. Add another test subject to those that the ME Black Box has worked for!

—Chris Forbis - Joplin, Missouri

December 23 2005

I have had a problem with my back since my football days in high school, which goes back a few decades. A few years ago my back problem would require me staying off my feet for as long as 10 days when the problem flared up. When I go to get the paper at the end of my driveway, I always stooped down to pick it up (I am unable to bend over), due to the soreness I always experience in the early morning hours.

I have been in Boot Camp Traditional now for 4 weeks, only missing a couple of days and I find myself laughing when I “bend over” at 5:30 in the morning to get my paper. I can’t think of any other reason why my back is feeling better, other than going to your Boot Camp in the mornings. I feel so much better that I can’t wait to see how I feel after a few more months!

—T. Williams - Leawood, Kansas

December 15 2005

Hey Coach,

Greetings from Iraq!!

Not sure if you heard/saw or not (it made it to a couple forums), but I'm in Iraq now - I took a job as an Accountant with a govt. contractor over here. Been here since the end of October.

Anyway, I was going through a couple websites today and found your blog - GREAT STUFF!! I really like it. In fact, I copied all your archived workouts to a Notepad file so I can print them all out before I go home (er, ah, not "home" home - rather to my hooch, that is) tonight and go through them all. I'm always looking for new stuff!!

I was going through your Boot Camp website and saw some of your testimonials reference your "ME System" - one said it was in your "April Performance Menu." What is that? I'm sort of assuming is your newsletter (am signing up after I get done with this email). If so, is there any way you could forward me a copy of it? Or, if it's an article, can you send me a link? If it's a book, or something, let me know that, too. I'd be *real* interested to see how somebody has implemented ME training with Crossfit. Oh, and if it's in your April workouts on your blog, forgive me sounding like an idiot. I scanned a few, but haven't really gone through them yet (in other words, I might be answering my own question later tonight when I go through the workouts!!)

We had a strongman contest here on camp the other day. It was a hand over hand golf cart pull for 100 feet, dump truck tire flip for 100 feet, 100 lbs. DB farmers walk for 100 feet, and heavy bag shouldering max reps in 60 secs. I didn't do that well, but it was fun just the same!!

Well, I'd better run. Again, great job on the website and blog! I wish you continued success.

If I don't talk to you again, have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!


—Wiggy -

November 19 2005

The Earthpulse is working! Here's my workout from last evening.

warm up

deads bar 95 135 185 225 275 305 355 405 all for 3 reps
deads 475 5 x 1 rep all done off 2 inch box
45 degree back raise 4 x 10 reps with weight on back
reversehypers 3 sets 10 reps with 300
abs neck .....................bed with Earthpulse

—Brian McGowan - Overland Park, Kansas

November 17 2005

I have incorporated your dumbell snatch/lunges that we did at the certification seminar. They are brutal but effective. My corporate group has lost a total of about 60 pounds and guys that never did a pullup are up to 12-15. I have a gal that could barely hang from the bar that is up to 7 good pullups.

I love your workouts. If I ever get to KC I will look up your club.

—Mark Schlueter - Southern Cal

November 09 2005

Mike, Great to met you this weekend! Enojyed the Workout after your presentation. I need to come visit and pick your brain on some exercises protocol.

—John Baumann - OSU Track and Field

November 07 2005

Hi Michael,

Thanks for a great Crossfit seminar this past weekend. I really enjoyed your session on DB training and the workout that went with it.

—Chris Brown - Rocky Mtn. Kettlebell-Ft. Collins Colorado

October 29 2005

I am planning on giving your ME system a try. I have been a big Westside and Crossfit fan for a while, and have been trying to find a way to mix the two methods for power athletes (I am a discus thrower). I definitely need absolute strength and speed strength, but I also feel that I don't have the minimum basic strength on exercises like chins, handstands, pistols, overhead squats, etc. I think you have a great system for attacking it concurrently!

—Steven Falk - New South Wales, Australia

October 15 2005

Thanks for the workout yesterday coach. I'll plan a time to come in next month. I particularly appreciate the time you spent answering some of my questions.

Your exercise methodology is by far the most satisifying I have attempted in the last 10 years.

—Gus Sonnenberg - Kansas City, Missouri

September 21 2005

I just wanted to say thanks and to tell you how great I feel. I would have
never believed it two weeks ago. NO ONE IN MY FAMILY would have believed
that I would be hopping out of bed at 5:00am and happy to be going to
workout of all things, including me!
Thank you so much,

—Nancy Gray - Kansas City, Missouri

September 08 2005

I posted here several weeks ago asking for suggestions for adapting Coach Rutherford's ME Black Box for OL (April Performance Menu). The results were excellent:

Total Body ME Exercise:
Snatch Pull 195-pound 1RM, up 20 pounds from 175. 185-pound 3RM, up 20 pounds from 165.

Lower Body ME Exercise: Front Squat
225-pound 1RM. Previous 1RM unknown, but 225 is my best back squat ...

My bodyweight is up from the high 160s to the mid to low 170s (@ ~6'), but the mirror and a couple-rep increase on kipping chins tell me that I haven't gained much bodyfat. My 'wind' is pretty good too; a move from sea level to 7k has thrown me a bit, but I set a Fran PR recently, so I'm guessing I certainly haven't lost any ground here either.

Coach Rutherford, thank you for an excellent program. After my last ME Upper Body workout I am repeating the cycle with back squats and clean pulls.

—Ross Hunt - Annapolis, MD

May 08 2005

Coach Rut,
Your workout has been great for my endurance and strength. My vertical has changed drastically from 27" to 33". It seems to be going up every week. The workouts are tough, but they are definitely worth it. I am finding myself mentally and physically stronger. Thanks for pushing me to the limits!

—Brenton Bell - Olathe, Kansas

March 03 2005

Today is a milestone. The past six months have been challenging due to pain and cramping in my ankles and feet. My daily routine has been accomplished with the aid of anti-inflammatory drugs. I started this program in January and my travel schedule has allowed me to attend about half of the sessions. Three weeks ago I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory drugs. Boot Camp Fitness helped me to run today without grinding pain in my left ankle. The revelation occurred on the back of the track. "Wow, I am running full stride and this doesn't feel half bad….except for my ability to take in and expel air." One small step accomplished to build the foundation toward the greater wellness goal. Mike, thanks for providing the structure, the knowledge and the opportunity to help me get stronger.

—John Hochscheid

February 09 2005

Hi Michael,
Remember me? How are you? I hope you are well. Amy mentioned that I should send you an email to fill you in on my progress since leaving Kansas. It sounds like she is doing great – I am so proud of her. Things are going well in Boulder - I'm happy to be back. Anyway, because of my knee, I've been doing a modified version of your botcampKC-style workouts. I've mostly been alternating running with squats, sit ups and push ups. It's a little harder doing it on my own, but the ROTC people are at the gym most mornings so they keep me company. I've dropped about 12 pounds, but I've been stuck for a little bit. I'm back on t rack with the Zone and I found a boot camp here in Boulder that starts next week so I think that will help. I'm sure it won't be as great as yours, but it's something!And I have to tell you – every time I go skiing I think of you because I swear I thank you at least once a run (down the mountain) for every squat I've done! Anyway, that's the update. I hope you had a happy holiday season and I hope you are doing well.Thanks again for everything.

—Mary - Boulder, Colorado

January 20 2005

In 2004 I was looking for an exercise program that I could enjoy, wasn't repetitively boring and would fit into my life as a mother of five working full time. I had heard of Bootcamp and frankly, it sounded scary! The thought of starting at 6 am was daunting, but I was willing to try. I started in late September, found a friendly group of early morning adventurers, an encouraging coach who tailored the work out to your level as you began and changed the routine every day. Since starting not only have I found my energy levels have increased, but I have lost 14 pounds in weight and dropped two dress sizes! I am hooked! As a mother of two daughters, one now a teenager, I am very aware of the 'thin' culture and the unhealthy eating trends it can encourage. I have never been a 'dieter', I am mindful of what I eat and encourage healthy choices in our family, but the single factor that has personally made the most difference to me physically is the 'Bootcamp' program. Thank you Michael for a fun start to my days with the benefit of great results!

—Ann Raulston - Leawood, Kansas

June 08 2004

My diving this summer will certainly be better than last. It is always a bear to get on and off the boat with all that gear but I am in much better shape. I have lost about 10 lbs in two months. I've never experienced results from an exercise program like this before! This will really help my buoyancy.

—Richard "Deuce" Livers

November 16 2003

I just had to write even though I am on vacation here in St George Utah. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for Boot Camp. As you know, I turned 50 this year and joined boot camp 13 months ago to be sure that I was in great shape for the next 50 years. I was skeptical at first, sore as hell, but I now know why it was the absolutely best decision I have ever made. Without a doubt I am in the top 5 percent of fitness here -- including all the Californians and New Yorkers who are in their 30's and have spent millions on fitness and health and including the locals and guides! We hike each morning to an elevation of about 5,000 feet -- it is not state park hiking -- it is bouldering, schooching, schmearing, climbing, rappelling. It is grueling and tough and I am completely up to it. (Click here to see photo of Lauren in action.) The guides and guests keep asking me what I do to keep fit and how long I have been hiking and climbing-BOOT CAMP FITNESS is the answer. I feel phenomenal, I now know why we do over the fence and under the fence, -- why we do hundreds of squats and sit ups -- why we push ourselves to our genetic ceiling and beyond. You are an amazing teacher in an amazing class. I shall forever be indebted to you.

—Lauren Wright - Kansas City, Missouri

November 13 2003

Last weekend I was in Vegas with a bunch of college buddies. Rather than drink the day away on Saturday, I went on a rock climbing expedition with another guy. We spent ninety minutes hiking in and then another couple hours going up and down the mountain (Bridge Mt just west of Vegas). The guy I was with is younger and in outstanding shape and has been climbing for 8 years. The hike in was brutal - steep up and down sections on loose rock. My buddy didn't stop once and I kept up with him. When we got to the mountain, I have to admit that I was intimidated at first. But once we got started, every bootcamp exercise began to pay off. In fact, half the climb reminded me of our "bootcamp favorite" - the inchworm. As I worked my way up, I could feel my body respond to the challenge as I did stuff that I never could have six months ago. The feeling of accomplishment was amazing!!! Bootcamp has meant a tremendous amount to me. Thanks for being a great leader! Live strong!


October 07 2003

Hello Coach,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling the results of your boot camp on a daily basis. Last Saturday I went on a Wild Cave Tour down at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park near Columbia, Missouri. My buddy and I both had to carry the canoe from the parking lot to the cave entrance. My buddy has always been in better shape than I, but during the walk he had to stop and rest a couple times while I was able to keep going. He also talked the next day about how sore he had become as a result of the tour. While I'm not pleased that he had a difficult time, I am pleased that I did not. I am getting what I wanted from this which is strength and stamina.

—George Bingham - Overland Park, Kansas

September 18 2003

BOOT CAMP FITNESS student Steve Kovzan had this to say following a doubling of his composite assessment score.... Thanks...and thanks to you. I really have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy Bootcamp. I get pumped for it every morning. I'm glad Eric "convinced" me to do it. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made.

—Steve Kovzan - Prairie Village, Kansas

August 22 2003

Boot camp fitness has been great. Not only has it improved my fitness, but my clothes now fit! But by far the best part is something I hadn't envisioned. I am now hitting a 9 iron instead of an 8 or 7 iron into the green. Getting back in shape has really improved my golf game. I am sure that future sessions will only add to my strength anf flexibility. Thanks for all the help.

—Jeff Anthony - Prairie Village, Kansas

August 08 2003

Rut, made it through the keyhole, the trough and the narrows to the home stretch for the Longs Peak climb yesterday. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm came in right when we were climbing the wall to the top of Long's Peak and we bailed out. Glad we did--a lot of people got stuck up there and it was a big scramble. Although I was not used to the altitude, I know I could not have done this without boot camp.

—Hal Hunt

July 30 2003

I wanted to let you know how much I have benefited from BIONX. I can feel an improvement in my energy levels and mental focus since switching to BIONX.

—John Isenberg - Leawood, KS

June 18 2003

.... By the way. I just got my blood test results from an annual physical and everything was great. My cholesterol has been terrible for years. Thanks for your help on this--I couldn't have done it without you. Congrats on 2 years of Boot Camp and many more.

May 13 2003

Dear Coach Rut,
I wanted to thank you for the weekly e-letters you write. They have helped to provide knowledge and inspiration to get up each morning and exercise. When I get up each morning to workout I know that;
1. Starting the day off in a healthy way.
2. No chance to find something else to do.
3. Most important - If nothing else positive happens the rest of the day, you can be proud of yourself for already accomplishing your workout.

Thanks again!

—Andra Schenkelberg - Leawood, KS

April 28 2003

Hi Michael,
I really like your site especially the tips on functional training and cold water dousing. I started cold water training after viewing your site six months ago. At first I could only stand a ten second ice cold shower, and now I'm up to ten minutes comfortably. Yesterday, April 27th, I went for a bike ride and swim in our Ottawa river. I was amazed to be able to go for a twenty minute swim. The ice finally left the river about a week ago. People on the beach looked at me as if I were nuts. I had fun. The cold water training really works! I figured the swim would be hardest on my head with brain freeze. My head was no problem; however, my hands suffered from the cold. I had to put on cycling gloves for the remainder of my swim. Now, during my cold showers I make sure to include my hands. The benefits I get from cold water are fat loss, energy, and recuperation from hard training days. I am a massage therapist and recommend cold water therapy to my clients. None of them will ever do it. They think I am a sick person. It's their loss. I have cancer of my thyroid and go for surgery and radiation soon. Though cold water is not a cure, it keeps my spirits up. Up in Ottawa, Canada, cold water is free and easily available anytime. Also, my hot water bill is way down. Next winter I will be joining a local polar bear club to get more safe training. Right now, one of my Russian clients is translating Russian cold water sites for me. There is not very much information in English but lots in Russian, German and Finnish. Please share with me your cold water training experiences.

Yours in functional training,

—Sunny Maya

March 03 2003

Well, here I am at the FBI Academy. I couldn't have made it here without your help and support. I started working with you as a way to insure a good workout while I was studying for the Bar Exam, and it turned into a year and a half of the best thing I ever did for myself. YOU MADE ME STRONG! More importantly,you made me confident that I could tackle any physical or mental obstacle that cam my way. I am currently reaping the benefit of that training right now! I would not have passed my Physical Readiness Test in October had it not been for you. I out performed several men on the push-ups and sit-ups. It was great to feel so strong. When I received word that I was accepted into the FBI Academy, I know that I would once again rely on my training. I suppose the moral of this dissertation is that I could not have made it here without your program. I just would not have been prepared for the demands on my body, or my mind. I am starting my third week, and the tasks will only get more difficult during the next 15 weeks. Thank you, Michael, for all your encouragement, enthusiasm, program and excellent coaching.

—Marcie Soligo - Quantico, VA

February 12 2003

I love your E-Letter. You have a great presentation style. I am a personal trainer in Tucson and have emailed some of your letters to my clients.

—Chris Litten, NSCA-CPT

January 23 2003

Just came back from my annual physical with my doc - Over the years - if I had one area to be concerned about - it was my cholesterol. I take medication and 90% of the time - watch what I eat. I have been working out for about 6 years - I have not been able to lower my ratings below 220. I am pleased to report that my cholesterol dropped from 246 (5/16/01) to 182 (01/10/03). My total cholesterol/HDL ratio went from 4.0 to 3.3. I believe that the main reason for my progress is my participation/involvement in boot camp! Thanks for helping me make a difference!

—John Isenberg - Shawnee Mission, Kansas

January 04 2003

I know that your students will get a big kick out of this. This past Monday at about 9:00pm, as a finisher for our workout, my son David and I picked up our sandbags to carry them for the sandbag mile. Dave's sandbag weighs 100 lbs. and mine weighs 120 lbs. We were walking together and after about 10 minutes, Dave turned and went back home. I finished walking my half mile leg and started my return. I was within about 3 blocks of my house when 2 police cars stopped and wanted to know what I was doing. I told them that I was carrying my 120 lb. sandbag 1 mile as part of my workout. I asked the lady Gestapo if there was a problem. She said that they had received a report of a couple of guys carrying sacks, and they weren't Santa Claus. I asked her if she wanted to check out my sack, which she did, and pronounced me fit to carry on. I also asked them if they would like to check out my gym which was only a couple of blocks away. Needless to say, they didn't want to go the extra mile.

I thought of all sorts of witty things to say after the encounter with the Policia and rest assured should this ever happen again, I will be forearmed. I am now breathlessly awaiting another visit from said police as I go out into my front yard at 5:00am each morning in my skivvies, fill my 5 gallon bucket with water and dump it over my head. I then proceed to my garage, clad still in my skivvies, to do the Magnificent 7 and 50 elevated pushups and only then do I towel off and go back inside. It starts my day off properly.

—Dean Brendel - Overland Park, Kansas

December 20 2002

I love these weekly E-letters... They are inspiring and motivating. I am going to use your goal setting steps as outlined in this E-LETTER and would like to finally lose this 80 extra pounds packed on my fat ass. I only wish there was a BOOT CAMP FITNESS program where I live.

—Kathy Jacobsen - Bend, Oregon

December 16 2002

Mike, I really enjoyed the first session and I am faxing in the enrollment form for six months. What I always hated about exercising by myself was the boredom associated with it. Boot camp was really fun. You made each day a little different and I actually enjoyed the workout. I pushed myself so much further being in the group with the other people. I am looking forward to the next session.

—Bary Marquardt

November 06 2002

I am a 43-year-old orthopaedic surgeon and have participated in Boot Camp for approximately 5 months. It is clearly the best health and lifestyle decision I have made in many years. My experience as a fellowship trained sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon allows me to tell you that Mike understands the scientific principles involved in athletic performance and getting into shape. His programs encompass all the elements of a world-class training program: stretching, warm up, aerobic and strength training, and cool down. Mike Rutherford clearly knows what he is doing. His program is properly balanced between flexibility, strength, and aerobic fitness. He also emphasizes complex movements that are not only fun but train your body for the real world. His motto "Live Strong" is particularly important to the middle age "athlete". Muscle loss is an important factor in aging. Regular exercise, including strength training, has been shown to minimize or postpone these changes. Mike not only understands the science and physiology but is a master motivator. My favorite slogan of his is, "The only easy day was yesterday." Mike's workouts are always interesting and a lot of fun, as he constantly changes the activities. I have lost 20 pounds, have more than doubled my pushup and sit-up totals, and have cut my mile run time in half since beginning the program. Boot Camp is a strenuous program but designed to get your best effort everyday. For those that think that they aren't physically or mentally up to the challenge, I assure you that you are but that you will have to go at your own pace, particularly in the beginning. Anyone without major joint or cardiac problems would benefit from Boot Camp. Mike and the current "campers", which include my wife, are very supportive of new participants. I strongly encourage you to join Coach Rut for a session of Boot Camp.

—Dr. T.J. Rasmussen - Olathe, Kansas

November 05 2002

After several years of trying numerous diets and exercise programs I was finally able to lose more than 20 pounds during the first half of 2002. As summer wore on and vacations came about, I could feel some of those pounds chasing me. I knew that I needed to do something drastic to keep this weight off, and hopefully lose a few more pounds. I have belonged to all of the fitness clubs and carried my gym bag around in my car with intentions of heading straight there after work only to be sidetracked by a little league practice or game, an offer for a beer after work, a late meeting, or some other excuse. I have never been a morning person and the thought of working out before work was foreign to me. However, out of desperation, I decided to try Boot Camp. Mike promised me that I would not die and so I signed up and set my goals high, not to pass out or throw up and simply to survive. While it was nip and tuck, I did survive. The first week was tough. The hours are a big adjustment and as Mike will mention during the first day, you need to go to bed before 10:00 pm. I would add to that advice not to consume a bottle of wine and few beers before going to bed at 10:00 pm as it makes the bear crawl especially challenging. I signed up for a second session and have recently signed up for a six-month session.

I am keeping the weight off and have lost some more pounds. The physical results are almost immediate. You will see more gain during your first three-week session of Boot Camp than six months of diligent trips to the health club. However the physical benefits are only part of the gain. I assure you that the felling you will get from surviving the first week and then the first session are well worth the price. Even though it is called Boot Camp, Mike keeps things very up beat, positive, and makes the hour very enjoyable. The work out is about personal gain, there are no races. The group that shows up every morning, often with a stiff gait, a dazed 6:00 am look on their face, and a severe case of bed head (I am a cap guy), are all very supportive of each other and real camaraderie develops quickly each session.

A brisk fall breeze hits your sweaty face as you walk out of the Health Plus doors at 7:00 am, the sun is starting to come up, the rest of the world is starting to wake up, and you have just completed an hour of Boot Camp and you know that no matter what else goes on in your day, you have started this day out right and you have done something very positive for yourself. That is a very good feeling and I am having better days as a result.
You should try Boot Camp.

—Mark Parman - Chairman and CEO, Hillcrest Bank

October 18 2002

I wanted to send a note thanking you for offering the Boot Camp Fitness program. I was going to tell you a little about my situation on how the program has benefited me. I am in the Electronics Engineering program. I am a candidate for valedictorian and very close to graduating. I take 20Hrs a term with the intention of completing the Computer Engineering degree as well. This term was the most difficult so far and I was feeling the pressure. When I was considering the Boot Camp program the people around me thought I was crazy to add more to my plate. However my thoughts were that if I started the day out right, it would carry through the rest of the day. I was correct. I am going into finals week needing 75% on the finals to get A's in my classes. I want to sign up again!

Thanks again,

—Alan Barnhill - Kansas City Missouri

September 24 2002

I have really enjoyed your news letter over the last 6 weeks. I have finally spent some time going through my e-mails from the summer and it is outstanding how your site and e-letter are coming along. Keep up the great work!

—Karl Carswell

September 24 2002

Hi Rut,
First, let me tell you that I absolutely love your Boot Camp Fitness e-mails! You rock, my man! I seriously read every one of them top to bottom. I sent it to about 50 people and received several positive comments back. I even send them to my dad.
Keep Fighting,

—Tony Carbajo -

September 09 2002

I am a baseball player. This past summer I wanted to gain fifteen pounds before going back to school. I had heard amazing things about Mike Rutherford and boot camp fitness. Within the first two weeks I gained five pounds and felt a lot stronger. I am an Asthmatic, and while doing my weekly conditioning, I noticed that because of the intensity of Rut's workouts, my stamina and lung capacity had greatly increased. Each week I looked forward to my workouts. I couldn't wait to see what he had in store for me. Mike was an outstanding motivator. He also taught me important things like how to get the most out of my body. He showed me that strength gains are not just made in the weight room, but with a proper diet and sleep. Mike truly became a great friend. Together we reached my goal and then some. After ten weeks I had gained just about twenty pounds. I thank him for everything. But I'm not done. I can't wait until winter break when we can get at it again!
Thanks Mike, live strong!

—Scott Lucas

August 03 2002

Thanks. This has been really great for me in so many ways. I really appreciate your dedication and inspiration.

—Hal Hunt

June 21 2002

Boot Camp: My Story (……or making it around the track 10 times)

I'm just a girl -- and not a very athletic one at that. OK….I'm not a girl……I'm a 43 year old women who started Boot Camp at 42. I'm from a high school with a class of 75 -- actually 74 because Walter didn't really graduate. The reason that I bring this up….in a small school, you had a chance to be good at everything -- whether you were or not. I got to be on the track team. I really wanted to be there because Randy was -- but that's another story. I did a little long jump and high jump -- I have long legs. No need to mention my years as a Trojanette -- I looked good in white boots (remember the long legs). They never knew I could run fast until they needed a replacement for the relay at the last minute. Coach said, "put in Reber". I ran the best 220 of my life. (Coach Rut knows I'm only good for short distances.) I won my first & only metal that day….along with the relay team. The entire bus stood up and cheered for me when they handed out the medals.
That's the same feeling I get from Boot Camp.

If it weren't for Karen & Mike and other Boot Camp starters, I wouldn't have lasted. They cheered me on every day. Coach Rut says that showing up each morning puts us in front of everyone else. Something about using the sidewalk & telling others to get out of the way! I like having that edge. I have it because he tells me I do...and I believe him.
Functional strength….Boot Camp. I had pink dumb bells (which Rut refers to often). Couldn't do anymore step classes (remember my training as a Trojanette). Always hated kick boxing (I think it's for people that can't do the "grapevine"). Run, drop, bear crawl, inch worm, do the scab run -- you won't know what it is until you show up.

Testimony #1...carrying a huge ficus tree -- which was the best one -- all the way across Hobby Lobby & loading it into the car all by myself. Testimony #2...carrying my luggage up the steepest stairs over a Chicago street to catch the train, then finding out I was on the wrong side….back down, across the street, back up the other way (my bicep killed me for days) -- to the train, the plane -- on time. Testimony #3...hauling 40 pound bags of mulch & top soil like no other "girl" on the block. Testimony #4...when I'm away, I miss Boot Camp. Great workout, lots of sweat, dirty, lots of laughs, pride, getting stronger, friends.....still last in running.

Respectively Submitted,

—Roxanne Reber

June 07 2002

Today, my fellow boot campers and I would like to take this moment to show our appreciation for your devotion to athletic training. One year ago, you began this training program, BOOT CAMP FITNESS.

Within The Olympic Creed, it says: "The most important thing is not to win but to take part, just as in life the most important thing is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Mr. Rutherford we feel you help us in body, mind and soul, with your functional training style, words of wisdom and your character. Preparing our bodies and mind for our struggles, so that we each may say, "I have fought well." We present this gift to you as a thank you.

Great Job Rut

—Michael J. Allegri

May 22 2002

I am a marathoner. That may not be significant to the majority of people but to the running community, it means I have trudged through six grueling 26.2 mile races. By no means am I boasting of this accomplishment as many people call marathoners insane and most have no desire to ever complete a marathon. I don't blame them. Running a marathon takes months of training, tremendous mental discipline and the desire to reach a goal that few others have obtained. It also means stressing your body, putting extreme wear and tear on your legs and focusing intently on one physical activity, with little time left for general physical fitness.

With that said, I was anxious about attempting bootcamp. I have been a gym rat since I was in my late teens and considered myself physically strong. After joining a local gym, I was introduced to Coach Rutherford and watched from a distance the activities of his bootcamp class. At first, I noticed very few women in the class and observed the strange exercises and activities this class performed. After much prodding and a direct challenge by Coach, I joined bootcamp in January 2002. My goal was to increase my overall physical fitness and break the boredom of constant running. The first week was physically tough for me as I worked muscles I don't use in running or weight training. I was sore and felt somewhat defeated that I was not stronger. After the end of the first three week session, and several bottles of ibuprofen, I realized how much I had improved in that short amount of time and how my total physical fitness was improving. I was encouraged and excited to continue on my quest for better fitness.

I began training for a half marathon at the end of January and was concerned that my low mileage would have a negative impact on my overall time. Coach assured me to keep low mileage during the week, attend bootcamp and run my long runs on Saturday as I had previously done. I finished the half marathon mid-May and set a personal record. I felt great during the run and had no soreness after the race. I believe the physical and mental toughness of bootcamp prepared me for this success.

Finally, bootcamp is a motivating activity. Not only is it a physical challenge, but through Coach's inspirational quotes and health tips, I have made improvements in my overall mental wellbeing. His vision of LIVE STRONG parlays into all aspects of my life to include my professional career and my personal relationships. Every day at bootcamp is a learning experience for me and I am a lifelong learner. I am appreciative of Coach's subtle prodding, or more likely forced manipulation, to join bootcamp as it has made a significant difference in my life and will continue to do so in the future.

—Jami Pechanec - Vice President, Management Science Associates, Inc.

May 01 2002


—Tim Miller

April 30 2002

Thought you might like an update: Matt is now the starting second baseman. Hitting .442, went 3 for 3 last Tuesday and 1 for 3 Friday. They have turned several double plays. Thanks for all your work with him.

—Dr.James I. Sturgeon - Department of Economics

April 27 2002

Dear Rut,
At 50 years of age, I want to thank you for rescuing me from the evil clutches of step aerobics and other stupid training mistakes. Having basically trained the same way for more than 30 years, it wasn't until I met you that I made consistent, substantial and beneficial improvements in my overall fitness. You have shown me how to train properly so that when I become old (which I don't plan to do), I won't have to worrry about falling down and not being able to get up. It is a pleasure to go to the gym because I put my peers to shame and can outwork and out lift almost all of the members regardless of age. I continue to set personal records in all my workouts. It's all about the results. Your combination of unique and dynamic lifts, humerous anecdotes, and positive motivation, make it easy to be consistent. BOOT CAMP is wonderful, allowing me to keep an elevated heartrate, work at my own pace and challenge myself every single day to get better.

—Dean Brendel - RJR, Overland Park KS

April 18 2002

This certainly wasn't the best session I've had, but I wanted to let you know that your constant positive attitude has done wonders for me these last few months.


April 13 2002

Coach Rut,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you put into Bootcamp. I remember the first day I started this program, I thought I was going to have to crawl back to the locker room. It took me 3 days to get down the stairs without screaming. But, you were right, if I would just show up and push myself, I would see improvement. Today, I feel 10 times stronger and even more mentally alert. I can push myself harder at work and at home and have energy to spare.

I see the new people starting class and the hard time they are having and I always try to tell them, stick with the program and in 3 weeks you will not recognize yourself.
Thanks again for your work and commitment.

Kindest Regards,

—David Vaughns

April 07 2002

Coach Rut,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the difference you have made in my life.
I enrolled in your class to give myself a kick in the ass physically. I did not anticipate that it would do the same for me mentally. I thank you for this.

Since starting Boot Camp, I have decided to take the next step in my career - to be a Sales Director. I always knew I could do it, but was putting it off for a million different ridiculous reasons. Basically, I lacked the mental toughness to take on the work required to make it happen. Since making this decision, I have felt so much more empowered in everything that I do.

I am a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter and collegue because of your influence and inspiration. It is so nice to start the day with someone who is positive and pushes me to do my personal best each day (even if that means doing the alligator - UGH!).
Take care,


September 10 2001

I am reenlisting! I feel too good to waste my time rusting. As I said this morning. I've been a diabetic for 9 years. After two sessions, my long term blood sugar tests came back in the normal range for the first time in nine years. Two notches off the belt too.
And my wife isn't complaining either. WINK!

—Mike Norton

September 10 2001

I would highly recommend Michael Rutherford's Boot Camp Fitness program to anyone who can appreciate one dedicated hour to a superior and quality CARDIO, STRENGTH TRAINING, AGILITY, STRETCHING AND NUTRITIONALLY SOUND workout program. Each and everyday has been designed with an exhilarating and creative circuit of exercises which is a reflection of Coach Rutherford's insightful knowledge of the powers the human anatomy possesses. Coach Rutherford's Boot Camp Fitness session has prepared me well for upcoming multisport events I will be participating in now and for years to come.

—Karen Peters - Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer, Children's Mercy South

September 10 2001

I've thoroughly enjoyed the course! I used to think I was in good shape... boy was I mistaken!

—Matt Leming - Regional Vice President NBR

September 10 2001

This was a tremendous experience. I haven't been physically pushed like this since high school. I'm feeling better, sleeping better, stronger, and leaner. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a jump-start back to being physically fit.

—Gene Diederich - Vice President, AG Edwards and Sons

September 10 2001

I met with my Personal Trainer the last day of Boot Camp for my monthly skin fold assessment. To my amazement, my percentage of body fat and weight was reduced and my lean muscle mass increased..."

September 10 2001

Mike certainly balanced motivation and inspiration with his quotes and nutritional tips for the day, both during class time and with his email communications. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who can appreciate an intense, challenging and creative workout style – and who wants to see immediate results.

September 10 2001

I placed first in my age category this year in the Shawnee Triathlon. I attribute this completely to the prior month's Boot Camp Session! This was the only difference in my training between this year and the last few years' competition.

September 10 2001

Thanks to my participation in Boot Camp, for the first time in my life, I will join my two brothers in August for their annual ascent of the 14,000 foot Long's Peak. the results were beyond what I imagined!